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Our Story

In July, 1987, Dominic Carrino opened Dominic's Pizza. He bought a little cheese, pepperoni, flour and yeast, some pizza boxes, tomato sauce and spices - just enough to get his store opened. He bought the finest product available.

The first day, Dominic's Pizza grossed $50 from 9 a.m. to midnight; not much, but a start. Dominic saved every penny, and when the space behind him became available 2 years later, he opened JoJo's Sports Bar, named after his daughter, Stephanie Jo. He wanted a place where people could come to watch the blacked out Browns games. The very first game was an exhibition game between the Browns and NY Jets. People came from everywhere since JoJo's was the first sports bar in the area with a satellite dish. Hundreds of people piled in, sitting on the floor and standing shoulder to shoulder. JoJo's was on it's way.

Dominic's continued to grow. The freshest and best products available were still used. When the building went up for sale, Dominic took out a second mortgage on his home and bought the building. He used every penny he had, plus some, to start Dominic's Italian Restaurant. He wanted to open a restaurant where customers could get good quality food, nice atmosphere, and good service without spending too much.

Dominic Carrino and his family: mother Betty; children Dominic, Sophia and Sal; brother Dean; nephew Dean; and niece Marah, continue to work hard to provide the customers the freshest and best quality food available. Over the years much has been learned, and each day more is learned.

Dominic's stands for quality, consistency and service. We are an independently owned family restaurant proudly catering to the families of our community. We believe that dealing with customers as people in a friendly atmosphere, like family, makes our area a great place to live - and dine. Thank you for visiting us. We will continue to do our best for you.

From the Carrino family and the entire staff . . . Buon Appetito!